Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Calm before the storm

So here I sit in the Philadelphia airport . I commuted in from SFO on the red -eye that got me here to PHL at 6am for my 8:30 am show. I'm supposed to be flying to Punta Cana and back today..BUT...just one small problem... a big snowstorm is going to hit here in a few hours! So as I sit here waiting in the calm early morning in the terminal, a few questions cross my mind ...
1) Will we actually get out of here?
2) And if we do, will we get back here?
3) Will we just cancel in Punta Cana?
4) Did I bring any sunscreen?
5) And if we don't cancel in Punta Cana, and don't get to Philly, where will we end up ( with a bunch of pissed passengers)?
Hmmmm.....And I'm wondering if I made a mistake wearing these new shoes that are not broken in yet , and will anyone notice the run in my stocking? 
Oh well , the terminal is coming alive now. I guess I'll head on down to check in, then over to my gate to prepare for the storm! 

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